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Monday, August 25, 2008

She pop pill plop on the hill top.

We had a pill popping party last weekend.

Sea sick pill lah!

So that the exquisite Italian food that we're about to consume will stay within and not become fish food.

Orders (appetizers) first. (i popped many of these too)

Then entrees. It doesn't look swell here (but its colourful), but looks can be deceiving. Besides, everything was cooked fresh on board! How awesome is that. Pipin' Hot.

Going out was rough. We rocked forward and back. Every 30 seconds, the captain will shout "Hold on to your glasses!" No wonder being a pirate has never been on my list.

I half expected a mermaid to pop out of the sea. My imagination is too wild.

Must show...
Hahhaa...but ok, cannot be proud. I'm afraid that i will be punished. My legs will be scarred or something. Choy, Choy! Touch wood.
But really, i'm going into the phase of long demure skirts now. Just like how i've out grown slogan tees.

It's swell to have an appointed photographer. So we all can "bully" him into using everyone's cameras into taking multiple shots.

The impression i always give people are of the wild, party girl image. It's changing now though. These girls' first impressions of me were sweet and girlie. I'm both, perhaps. Depends on mood, location and lighting. Hahahaa...

Dessert. Also hand lovingly made on board.

Champage and chocolate.

It's about 3grand i heard. To cater for 16 people by this fine dining restaurant on a yatch. On Raffles Marina where i wakeboard(ed), i heard its 2grand to rent the yatch with a wakeboarding speed board for half a day. Its not THAT expensive is it? It's an idea to hold an engagement party on board. Small intimate party. Won't wanna sink the yatch now, do we.

That is, IF i ever get engaged.

I had 2 servings. I'm glad the next hottest thing on board eats just as much as me too. Hah!

Buttered cod fish, creamy beef, seafood salad (with scallops!) bla bla bla.

And so, i drove everyone home.

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