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Monday, April 30, 2007

World's No.1 pizza.

Mum says i've lost weight. How can i when i've been eating things like the WORLD"S NUMBER ONE PIZZA in the world?! And that was found on the outskirts of Perth (1 hour plus drive). Apparantly they won international awards etc. So it was a definite must try since i am here.
This very cool polaraid was taken last week. I know why i probably is slimmer. Because i absolutely have no time to take a breather. School,work, school, cook dinner, wash, do housework, work, school, work, cook dinner, do housework. It is in that manner.

But of course, if mummy comes....everything else shall have to revolve around her. And i welcome that!! I miss home.

Cream, tuna, breadcrumbs, corn, parmesan cheese, onion, parsley, mozzarella cheese.
Satay sauce, cheese, onion, capsicum, mushroom, chicken. These were award winning ones.

End of the day, pizza is still pizza...BUT..the dessert is fantastic!

Chocolate mudcake On pizza base.
Honey icing sugar, chocolate buttons and chocolate sauce.

Total cost for the night was: $28.


RaGe FuRy said...


Chrispy Tine said...

what you mean what is pizza hut doing?here no body eat pizza hut one.

Xinci said...

Dear Christine

I realise that i haven't been talking to you for a long time. i usually sux at maintaining long distance relationships~ admitted it a million times already (ref: alvin and weibin's case) probably coz i am too self centered and too "now" or simply a visual creature.

Anyway, decided to msn you today but caught you at a bad mo while you were on the way to skl~ and i decided to flatter my way back by starting off with you looked slimmer now... which i hope worked =)

I miss you terribly suddenly. You were so fun to be around with! THE girl to try new things with, do crazy stuff, share hilarious stories and just adventurous to try to make your life as UNBORED as usual. =)

Anyway, i am surprised at what a gormet you have become! gosh.. all the stuff that you are cooking! guess when you are overseas, you have to be more independent eh~

So fast you learnt how to drive already! your fun picz and blog makes me wanna go over there a stay for 1-2 years just to experience a little life.. think singapore is getting a little too small for me~

okay.. i hope the next time i talk toyou wont be like 3 mths later or something..

take care of yourself. you still look as beautiful and hot as ever.


Chrispy Tine said...

Dear Xinci, this is so sweet of you to leave a message. Never expected it. i hope you didnt change your mobile number because i just web smsed you. but i think it didnt work, because you didnt reply.

aww,don't blame yourself because it takes 2 hands to clap right? I wasnt making any effort to keep in touch too.

but to speak honestly, i do miss the times we have too. You always accepted me as who i was, laughed at whatever i say (makes me feel good you know, coz i know i'm funny although maybe not), always so generous to me. We did so many things together, sun tan, manicures, even takewando.

but as our environment changed, our paths parted. friends forever is never realistic, so does true friends seldom exist.

so don't feel bad, because all in all, what really matters is you did write this messsage.

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