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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Noah's Ark

I like to see animals in pairs. Its just so seems like Mrs.Goat has her head leaning on Mr.Goat's shoulder.

I love my canon camera, which i got it free, courtesy of Canon which is great! That, i will tell another day.
The boyfriend was somewhere chasing ducks, so i had to take a self shot. Mr. Goat was rather cooperative.

This thing is as tall as the boyfriend. I asked the boyfriend to take a face-to-face shot with the thing. And this is the look he gave. He is scared!! The hilarious moment came when he went to pat the thing in another enclosure (not this one in the picture), he got SPAT ON!! Luckily it wasnt puke or mucus, just some grass and hay that the thing possibly breathed out. It pays to be short.

The hill billy.
I was scared because the two of them are closing onto me. The white thing, just kept coming onto me. I am just afraid there will be a stampede..jumanji!

Looks are deceiving, its fur is actually spikey! I remember when i first came to Perth when i was young, my dad bought me a wormbat toy! The toy feels exactly the same! Rough fur. And i thought the toy is made of bad quality fur. But i think the toy went rough because i gave it a bath.

When we just stepped in the kangaroo enclosure, we saw ONE tiny white kangaroo, and the boyfriend said maybe its a baby, so its white. And i took hundreds of snaps of it, cause i thought its a rare breed, and there's only one! Little did we know, there were PLENTY of white kangaroos within.
I dont know why the boyfriend always likes to strangle me when we take pictures together.

White peacocks! Its as if this is a magical land, i never knew white peacocks and white kangaroos existed.

They are all fed so much by all the visitors (cause animal food is free of charge), they just laze around.

Heavily edited. The shot it would have been.

This is my pumpkin soup. Bless my landlord for first introducing me to his office to be the stand-in receptionist. Cause now the manager is going on leave, and they called me back to relieve! Woohoo, another thousand plus dollars to earn for ten days! That would already have covered the cost of my car :)

I drove for an hour to get to this wildlife park, and i must say driving is quite a monotonous thing! And my leg gets tired! Kudos to Dad who always takes us into Malaysia and holidays where he just drives on and on and on. Now, there will be someone else to help share the trips with him :)

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