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Sunday, April 8, 2007

I am quite a baker..

Ta da..this arrived in the mail.

Penguin Island, quite like our Pulau Ubin except this is MUCH smaller. We wanted to snorkel (i brought my own gear from the days of Tioman) but erm..there wasnt anything in the seas....disappointed. The brochure said we could snorkel! The island stinks of seagulls and the entire bridge covered with their droppings. We saw huge pelicans nesting though.

The main attraction of the island...are these little things. I didnt pay admission fee, i snuck in. Hahahaahahaa....
When the boyfriend saw, he asked "You buy one ar?" "Of course not." I said. He said, " I thought so too. Cause if buy one, the kiwi fruit where got so many BIG slices and put until so ugly."

1 comment:

Shyanne said...

hahahaha... technically he has a point.

the penguins and so cute! reminds me of the movie 'happy feet'... hehehe.

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