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Friday, August 25, 2006

Waitressing 101

Sara is such a darling...the first parcel i've received so far from Singapore...One of the contestants i met during Miss Singapore International. Such competitions, i always find it fluffy and fake. The people..thus i never chose to mingle. Amazingly, always always at last moment, i get to make amazingly true girl friends. Shyanne, from Ralph Lauren, and Sara, the new addition. Hope she comes in 2 weeks time ;p

Hmm..the weather is getting sunnier and hotter, winter's almost over! I can't wait to get to the beach. My friends say i'm crazy tho..its still too cold.

And of course, i got to thank Bin Bin kor kor for sending me my notes. So thoughtful, makes me miss home alot. Where i have alot of people who love me.

I'm getting addicted to working. Well, partly its because of the cash (but again, its not because i'm money face nor materialistic), but also because i get to learn new things. Getting abit sick of the food they provide me though, its always MEAT!! (roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork..Shaun will be very happy.) I work 3 hours, 3 days a week. That's not too time consuming, the boyfriend sends me to and fro. What a darling!

1) Westerners sometimes prefer to use chop sticks to show off abit
2) Asians never leaves unfinished food
3) Westerners hate chrysantanem, and you cannot trick them
4) Asians are messy eaters
5) Westerners do not like to sit facing the door
6) And generally, they're all very appreciative of you serving

Tonight is Mambo night, some singaporean thing. And my friend gots us soon :P

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