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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Where next?

The GPRS in one of my friend's Porche. "At the next junction, turn left."

So far, i've been driven around in the cheapest ($700) to the most expensive (the above). So long as it gets me there, even with my own legs, i'm fine. The public transport here is alright, irritating thing is the last bus is usually very early. Like 7pm. But of course, by 7pm, you shouldnt be out alone and taking the bus. The stark difference between the cheapest and the most expensive ride, however, is that the safety of the car. The $700 drives fine, but when you sit just worry a little bit, because the frame work is abit shaky, and the fuel gauge meter is spoilt. Hahaaa....

Maggie Mee, I had none since i got here. Mummy should be proud of me. I keep cooking asian food tho, perhaps i don't like frying stuff coz it gets oily and i'm lazy to clean. So most of the time, i make soup based dishes.

I get so estatic when i visited the oriental food mart yesterday? They got toufu, FISH BALLS, CRAB Meat sticks!!! I exclaim at everything and my friends say i ma cham sua ku.

The lectures here is pretty different from my days in poly. Its interactive, but i got to confess. Half the time, i don't know what the lecturer is talking about. TOo chim...and i'm lost, and their accent! I got to start reading my text books. Everyone thinks i'm very smart in photocopying in Singapore and bringing over. They say i'm very serious about this, hahhaaa. Sophia's mum was very impressed.

Photocopying here is crazy. It's 10 cents PER PEICE!! I dread when its the time to print assignments...coz so far, i dunoe where to print them, and of course, you got to pay for your printing. A printer costs $49 here, so i've friends suggesting that we buy our own and share etc. We'll see.

I went with the Indian friend i met in Singapore tru a business aqquaintance to church last Sunday. Its called Zion Praise Harvest church, i found out that in Australia, there isn't exactly denominations here. Its very different from Faith Community Church that Wei Xiang brought me. Priase Harvest is more youthful and colourful, Faith Community is well..pretty much like ours.

So i havent decided for my 3rd sunday, which one i should go. Faith is near my home, and got familiar face like Alvin. Yet Zion, i get more presence there. Comfort zone or step out of it? But at both places though, during worship, i keep tearing. I don't know if i'm touched or i simply miss home.

An aqquaintance commented though, that i've probably done MORE than he had during his 5 years here in Perth. Because over the weekend, i've played golf, tennis, badminton and jogged. Hahahaa...quite funny. Well, its good that i've got good friends and this one guy is sporty and has friends around so i tag along for his sports. He brought golf shoes, sports shoes, and a whole range of shoes. For different activities, he calls it. We were come to study or what! Hahaa..

We've also been to the Burswood casino. I simply observed the human behaviour. I don't understand why people must grab the card so hard and bend it so spoilt then flip over. To increase the excitement of revealing the number? I call it simply wishful thinking that the number will change.

I'm getting more or less used to the cold now, and i don't get hungry that often. I actually don't sleep that much, although Wei Xiang seems to hibernate in the winter. Hahaa.

oh yes! i remember..i miss Bee bee tooo..the red thin prawn cracker.

Maybe my new found friends are regretting knowing me..hahaaa..i make them do silly things

Take Two: I LOVE U


Anonymous said...

Pat: Ok, order taken.. U'll receive Hello Panda, Yan Yan PLUS Beebee in the parcel.. and Oh Yes.. Archies too.. Anyway.. If you are contemplating on getting a printer, bear in mind on the cost of the ink cartridge as well. Some printers can be very cheap but their ink cost a bomb!!..
Take care and be good.

Anonymous said...

we are happy that u r settling well there. Better haf a study group since u find it difficult to understand the lecturer haf the time. Mum still misses u, she says 'take good care, be good' she thinks like Pat.......Guess who wrote this.

Anonymous said...

Give me a list of all your holidays. M&D

Shyanne said...

i miss you heaps. like really. i know it doesn't really make a difference since we meet up every few MONTHS anyway but really. i'm bursting at the seams with updates that i can only share with you.

so i shall use the nice flowery letter stationery that i bought a year ago at the john little sale because it was so pretty and so cheap eventhough i know i had no one to write to.

i told rishi they'd come in handy sometime!

Chrispy Tine said...

21-28 aug
25 sept-2 oct
13 nov-19 feb 2007

When all's confirmed, let me know and i've a list of things for mum to bring. hahaa.i can't wait to have her here...wanna show her alot of things

Anonymous said...

will probably plan on a 2-wk hol in europe,dec 16 to 30. As for mum's visit, she will prob come with ivan 25 sep to 2 oct.Will discuss with the rest of the family before confirming.m&d

Anonymous said...

II just told me that they have a marriot unit at phuket with 2 bedrooms for 6 ppl. Has a bath the size of a hdb living room, etc. Not affected by tsunami last year. Thinking of us meeting at phuket sep 25 to oct 2 and then flying off with u to perth where we will stay for another week or so since it will be ivan's long hols then. luv, m&d

Chrispy Tine said...

i can meet u in phuket 22 sept (fri) maybe. My school end that day at abt 3pm. 2nd Oct i start school again. Let me know what i should be doing, getting plane ticket to phuket? I will call you soon.

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