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Monday, August 28, 2006

21 Days After

Drunk, drunk, not drunk, not drunk, not drunk. Hahaha, Mambo night turned out to be R&B. Its like a mini Singapore inside club Metro. Oh well, organised by Singaporeans anyway. Singapore is small? So is Perth. I've met my secondary school friend in Zion Praise Harvest Church, met my poly mates here and there. Met some dude who knows me from Ms Singapore International and met some other dude who SAW ME ON MY QUANTAS FLIGHT HERE! Talk about photographic memory. But they were all just fluff greetings from me. Hi-and-bye..

See, they hung the Singapore flag. You would think its celebrating national day overseas.

Mr. Heart Stopper and Breath Taker. Hahahaa...they're freaks you see. Desmond's also from Faith Community Church, and Jeremy's dad, when he came..we just brought him to do all the youngster's stuff. Hahaha..they both can cook very well, or so i heard. But i haven't got the luck to try it yet. They're vege lovers though...they do not cook vegetables AT ALL. Because they LOVE veges, so they can't bear to cook it.

The rare few times i eat out, this Korean restuarant is not bad. We had piping hot steamboat. Will bring mummy and ivan to eat there. But the service sucks! The place i work at is x20 more efficient.

The sky is beautiful isn't it? The boyfriend's school, was there for his first solo flight out. I brought him to Zion Praise Harvest yesterday. He prefers the worship there but prefer the sermon at Faith Community Church. So dilema, which to go next Sunday? But the boyfriend's memory is very good..he can remember every word, every message each time. And he will QUOTE them back to me!! Like a tape recorder...hahaa

The man starting on his checks. My heart soared when he took off. But let's leave his story about taking off for another time. Up, up, up and away...

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Shyanne said...

sounds like heaps of fun. =)

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