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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Makeover Expert

I once went out with a dentist and he begged to fix my teeth.

There i was, sitting across the dinner table, thinking i look damn fine, wondering why he's fidgeting. After some minutes, he held my hands, stared me in the eye and said "you're so beautiful but there's this one flaw. Your front tooth is not aligned. " I shrug and said "you can fix it if its for free". He rubbed his hands in glee.  

Probably the most expensive gift i've got from any first date, an aesthetic tooth fixture was what i got. I like practical presents. 

My recent visit to i.Dental gave me a revelation. How the entire oral and nasal passage plays a huge part in defining beauty. Other than the obvious of straight teeth making one look better, how one breathes will define your jawline. 

Beauty is a straight line from nose to lip to chin. Seen the "beauty test" that went viral lately? Netizens have been using their fingers in an L fashion to see how they measure up.
Well, that's not a myth i found out at i.Dental. 

We used a ruler to check for a straight line from nose to lip to chin. Mine is straight with a -1mm difference, close to perfection. The lower chin to lip should be a subtle S curve and supermodels are at an angle of 90 degrees. So am I.

By now, my dentist have me over the moon. Never would i have expected flattery that makes my heart skip a beat would be FROM MY DENTIST! 

Dr Cheng also explained how do "horse faces" come about. He said sinus that is genetic could create a person who breathes through the mouth. As a result, his/her gum over time descends resulting in an unpleasant look.
This, however, can be corrected with dentistry, if at a very young age when bone structures are malleable. Dr Cheng told me how he changed a son's look drastically from his father, because of the hereditary sinus!

Try consulting a dentist's opinion before deciding on any kind of invasive surgery that aesthetic clinics or plastic surgery offers. My mum brought me to a dentist at 13 for braces to make me beautiful :)
Me with braces
However, i was a bad kid. I didn't know/listen to wear my retainers religiously, thus my otherwise straight teeth have moved. But there's a second chance! With INVISALIGN

What is i.Dental Invisalign and how does it work?

  • i.Dental Invisalign is a new approach to having straighter teeth, utilizing a custom-made series of aligners created exclusively for any individual.
  • Wearing these aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into the desired place (approx. 0.25mm per month), based on the exact movements your dentist or orthodontist plans out for you.
  • You just change into a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks, until the end of your treatment period (ranging from 6 months to 24 months)

What is the Invisalign process like?

    1. Consultation with the Dr Cheng Eng Wah, an Invisalign specialist.  Taking a series of x-rays, photographs and mould.
    2. A detailed analysis of facial and teeth structure and if INVISALIGN is necessary. You'll enjoy this candid and comfortable conversation with Dr Cheng as he informs you of "the definition" of beauty without being pushy.
    3. Getting my teeth throughly cleaned and a more precise mould is made.
    4. Option to review 3D imaging and treatment plan.
    5. Collect Invisaligners!
    As the Invisalign journey may be a life/ image changing one, i needed to choose the most qualified and experienced dentist in the practice. Someone who completed the most number of cases in a year compared to this peers would be a safe bet. 

    I found that Dr Cheng Eng Wah from i.Dental Surgeons won the Best Individual award for 2013 and Invisalign Platinium Elite Award for the last 5 years.  His just launched his new clinic on Robinsons Road dedicated to Invisalign treatments only.  
    i.Dental's staff were hospitable and service oriented. They were so polite, gentle and accommodating that I never enjoyed a visit to the dentist better. 

    How much does Invisalign cost?

    A down payment of $800 will be collected when brackets are first placed. An additional $1500 will be collected from Invisalign patient when first aligners are issued. The remaining amount can be paid via installment on a monthly basis. Credit card 0% installment is available too. Initial consultation fee is $20 to $60 depending on duration of consultation. Should you decide to proceed, an assessment of your teeth that includes consultation, taking X-rays, photos and study model cost $220 excluding GST. 
    Find i.Dental on Facebook or make an appointment at 6323 2813 or 168 Robinson Road,#09-13, Capital Tower. 


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