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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ways to Save Money in a Day

1000 hrs: Took a shower. Shampoo ran out. Refilled the bottle with water, shake vigorously (the bottle, not my body). Voila, there’s shampoo for my hair again! This will last another 5 washes.
Savings: $5
1100 hrs: Spent $1.30 on the MRT to get to the city. No taxis, unless desperate.

1200 hrs: Skipped breakfast. Went to the supermarket for free food samples. I tried sausages, pizzas, chocolates, and fish fingers.
Savings: $3

1300 hrs: Now I need a drink. Headed to Macdonald’s where they usually refill your water bottle for free. I do this overseas too. Mineral bottle overseas can be quite expensive, and it will save the environment too with less plastic.
Savings: $2
1500 hrs: Watched a movie using my bank card for discounts. Use OCBC at Shaw Theaters, DBS or AMEX at Cathay Cinemas. 
Savings: $1.50

1700 hrs: After being out for the whole day, it is time to freshen up myself. Walked into a departmental store and spritz myself with my favourite perfume. The salesgirl approaches, i told her i need to test out how long lasting the perfume is, so i can’t buy now. On the way out, i pass by some skincare counters, I go around asking for product samples. These sachets are good for travelling.
Savings: $80
1800 hrs: Need to go to a wedding dinner. I want professional make-up done. I go to Sephora in Orchard. I enquire about the make-up products and lament to the salesgirl I don’t know how to do the smokey eye look, so I can’t buy her product. She then tells me she can show me how. I climb up onto her chair and allow her to experiment expertly on my face. After getting my make-up done, I politely tell her I’m not so sure if the smokey eyes suit me so I will put off buying her products.
Savings: $60

2000 hrs: Wedding Dinner. Look like a queen even when really pauper. I’m just really good at stretching my dollar.

2300 hrs: Beauty Sleep.

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