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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

London Reveals Crown Jewels

I was recently in London checking out their museums. They have world class museums and they are mostly free. There is an exhibition of the crown jewels, a regalia that includes some of the most legendary and extraordinary diamonds in the world. Signifying royal authority to lead, and protect the nation, it is still in use today. 
But i also discovered London reveals another type of crown jewels. 

1. Streak for Tigers
This August 15, streakers can register for £20 to run through London Zoo in fund raising efforts for the wild life. Spectator tickets go for £15. You can find out more at
Hungry for meat
2. Naked Sunday Swims
At the University of London Union every Sunday 1-2pm, you can pay £5 or fre for under-16s. If you want to be more spontaneous and not wait till Sunday, you can do it at Hampstead Heath. But beware of a nip by the crayfishes! Join a naturist club at
3. Naked Yoga
At a private venue in Bow, a four week course of two-hour classes costs £75. If you think your concentration power needs to be challenged,

4. Naked Dance Club
The Union, £12 from 10pm if you want to jiggle, literally.

5. Model Nude for Art
From age 17 to 82, professions across bankers, engineers and architects, allows you to pose nude in the name of art. Learn from these workshops the difference between posing alone and in a group; when to be the 'star' and how to be part of an ensemble tableau. Overcome eating disorders, celebrate lost of weight, love your body as well as make new friends is part of the process.
6. Nyotaimori Parties
Not new to Asia, eating sushi off a naked body has now reached royal grounds. 
I hope you won't get an experience like this

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