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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Protect Your Ez-link for Free


I admit I am a control freak. As children, my brothers are always losing their belongings but not me. I label them with my name, I carry my things with me everywhere, I keep watch of things. I hate it when I lose stuff! So you can imagine my sadness when I lost my newly topped up ez-link card some months ago! It had $50!!

Pity the EZ-Link ‘Activate!’ programme wasn’t available then, but it NOW IS!
Registered ‘Activate!’ ez-link card holders can check the transaction history of their cards for up to three months, block and recover funds should they lose their cards, and enjoy additional protection against unauthorized usage before the lost card is blocked!

It’s a one-time, simple FREE registration.
Once you have registered, you can now

  • EZ-Manage

If you lose or misplace your ez-link cards, you can block further usage by reporting card loss and enjoy the refund of the remaining stored value in the lost card.
Also with EZ-Manage, I can now monitor my transit and retail transaction history up to three months (adult cards only), either at the ‘Activate!’ website or via the EZ-Link mobile app.
  • EZ-Protect

Should there be unauthorized usage of funds between the time I call EZ-Link to block my card and before the card is successfully blocked (which can take up to 48 hours), EZ-Protect provides an additional safeguard of up to SGD 10, on top of being able to block my ez-link card and fund recovery. This means that we can safely store more value on our cards instead of having to top-up our cards frequently.

In partnership with ACE Insurance, EZ-Protect has a robust system which requires verification of personal details and reinforces security in case someone else picks up the card and tries to make a fraudulent claim.

I never felt comfortable linking my card with GIRO but queuing up to only top up $20 each time was such a hassle! Now I can top up the maximum amount each time. Finders Keepers will also not apply to people who pick up lost cards, because the card will be blocked and turned useless! Bwahaha.

This July & August, registered ‘Activate!’ ez-link cardholders are REWARDED with EZ-Deals:

Most deals come with a price, but not with ‘Activate!’
In the months of July & August 2013, all registered ‘Activate!’ ez-link cardholders stand a chance to have their retail transactions on their registered ez-link cards…
Terms and conditions apply 

Hurry and register with Activate! Simply visit
Because there’s really nothing to lose and all to gain!
You can also register via the EZ-Link app available at the iTunes App store for Apple mobile device owners. Google Play Store for Android devices.


korun said...

If a lost EZ-Link card still has $80, will it be recovered?

Anonymous said...

Did u register prior to losing it? If you did, i think so according to the programme.

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