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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Care for the Windows to your Soul


Whenever my friends see the below ad, they love posting it to Facebook, tagging me with a giggle.
I looked up Christine Ng, the Hong Kong TVB artiste and hoped i would look like that when i am 50.
While wrinkles may be photoshopped to death, videos won't lie.

Ok, i felt obliged to share the cringe worthy Chinese fairy TVC starring Christine Ng's soulful eyes and ample bosom that sends anyone soul searching.

While i can't quite do anything about my breasts, i can with my eyes.

Essilor introduces new lenses that provide the highest front UV blockage and back UV reflection. With the Eye-Sun Protection Factor, it protects eyes from aging and the appearance of cataracts, amongst other vision problems.

Having experienced eating blind, i know how important eyesight is. Never too young to start protection!

Here's me with Crizal UV indoors, away from sun.

and here's me with the same pair of glasses, out in the sun!

Be sure to ask for Crizal UV lenses at any optician. Care for the windows to your soul.

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