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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Fog


With the recent Avenges playing in town, imagine a Singaporean superhero who is four-eyed without Optifog lenses.

Air-condition will Ruin you
Singapore may be hot and humid, but the saving grace is we are air-conditioned almost everywhere! As a four-eyed superhero without Optifog, your agility is reduced much as you chase the villain in and out buildings!

Besides, hunting down villains is no easy feat. Perspiration while running or jumping across buildings creates fog.
No More Spying
When surveil-lancing a suspect, you'll need to blend into the environment. Order a hot cuppa to go with the eavesdropping.
Alas, the steam fogs up and you missed seeing that secretive passing of a note!

And you definitely can't see a thing in a sauna or steam bath. Crimes are often discussed in there, haven't you watched the mafia movies?
With the new Optifog lenses, this new technology is not only anti-fog, but also glare reduction, dust repellence and scratch resistant.

An Optifog Activator ($5) will however need to be applied once a week.
I got my new glasses fitted in with ophthalmic optics world leader Essilor's Optifog. Upon reaching home, i immediately put my face over a pot of boiling water ( i was cooking Maggi). It really works!

Optifog is available in clear and tinted sunglass lenses, i requested in the option of Transition lens. I have a bad habit of not wearing sunglasses enough. Squinting creates crows feet!

Now i've got every protection in one pair!
Frame by Marc Jacobs $235
P.S My old frames have always been small rimmed and metal. I found that my first plastic wide rimmed glasses actually heavy. It causes an imprint on the bridge of the nose after wearing long. So consider this if you'd want to get a similar pair.

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