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Friday, January 20, 2012

Being True with Fitness.

A couple who works out together stays together.

A boyfriend who lifts you can carry you with a sprained ankle.

But what if you're #foreveralone?

Wii is NOT exercise, no matter how good it looks.

There's no shortcut to looking your hottest when you bump into your Ex, your old school mates or blunt relatives whom you'll meet next Chinese New Year.

I just visited True Fitness's newest centre in Tampines and i am HOOKED to this new form of class exercise that combines step and dance.

There're even people who use an EXERCISE CLASS as stage performance.

Didn't dance performances look more like this?

Quite a mismatch of girls though.

Totally hooked through and through in the class that True Fitness offers. Jazz, pop and music to groove to with a mean workout to boot!

What's special at this new outlet is also other than offering 40 different types of Yoga, Hot Yoga, Spinning and Group Exercise, there is a Muay Thai Ring where Kick Boxing is held. Innovative equipment like Power Plate, 1-Vest Training, TRX Suspension, to keep the exercise regime interesting can also be found.

Also, if you are single, the gym is a place to check out cuties like celebrity Paul Foster.
Who works out regularly at the Great World City outlet.
Looking forward to a body beautiful 2012 with a year's sponsorship from True Fitness.

Get your body beautiful too.

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Anonymous said...

Gyms are just to see and be seen. thunbs up for the couple. why dont they go out to train on a kids playground too?

Xtine said...

I don't like being in gyms personally because i don't know what to do with the machines but i enjoy gym classes!

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