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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Elves of Royal Caribbean

There were 1,900 holiday-ers on board. And to serve that 1,900, it took 750 staff. All on a massive 70,000 toner ship like Legend of the Seas. Often, we tend to neglect these people who make it happen for us on board. We are more than often; too busy enjoying the food, enjoying the fun, enjoying the clean rooms that we return to.

The service on board Legend of the Seas is immaculate. It’s my first time on a cruise, so I did not know what to expect! With an international crew, you really meet all walks of life and feel like you’ve just travelled around the world.

Elf Trait 1: Your room is mysteriously tidied every single time you step out and back in
Without fail, every morning the butlers will greet you in the walkway. Ready to sweep your room spotless when you leave. In land hotels, the chamber maids tidy up your room just once. On sea, although I spent most of the time exploring the massive ship, I do find myself going back every 4 hours or so. Oh the convenience to return when you need to grab that lipstick because you spot a cutie in the dinning room. Oh the convenience to return when it was chilly in the morning and you had your jacket, but now it’s troublesome to carry around. Oh the convenience when you need to shit after a heavy meal and you can return to do it as long as you want and you don’t have to line toilet paper like a cushion as you would in public toilets.

Elf Trait 2: They know your name without you telling them.

There’re various options to eat at (almost ANY time of the day). There is Windjammers where you get international buffet.
The burger and sandwich bar by the pool, room service (surprise, surprise, it’s provided!) and Romeo & Juliet (fine dining). On board Royal Caribbean, everything is already paid upfront when you make reservations. You don’t need to pay a single penny dinning at any part of the ship (alcohol is chargeable though).

However, dinning at the allocated table in Romeo & Juliet, you’ll be assigned a waiter who will serve you every day of your holiday.
They’ll make food recommendations and entertain you (ok, not all have tricks like this Indonesian waiter who had us rolling with his “dirty jokes”). I was impressed with one of them who actually called me by my first name! I wonder how he knew…

Elf Trait 3: They move at lightning speed.

With a ship as big as Legend of the Seas, it takes me 10 minutes to walk from my room (level 6) to the deck (level 9).

Risovoski, the room service manager from some exotic European country, ensures that room service is served hot from the grill.
Elf Trait 4: Incredibly cute.
 Ah, V, the nice smelling cutie. He is the retail manager whom we met when we checked out the shops. Incredibly personal, telling you what’s nice and what’s not, I spent $300 (!!!) buying duty free Christmas presents (Calvin Klein, DKNY, Shisedio, Johnny Walker and Cognac).
Does the hotel director vaguely resemble Lewis Hamilton too?

Elf Trait 5: Cheerful underground people.
 Feeding 2,650 people and preparing 12,000 meals is no simple feat! This requires 120 cook staff. Everything happens “underground”, the no-access Deck Zero where only incredible food gets served out and up. However, if you purchase the cruise’s cook book, you get the special privilege of discovering all these little men at work.
 A massive kitchen, everything moves fast paced underneath. You wouldn’t imagine that, while you’re slowly strolling away on the upper deck enjoying the sea breeze.

Home Cruise-made bread! It doesn't get any fresher than this.

On board, the head chef is like a mini celebrity. A girl getting him to autograph her purchased cook book!

Guess what I saw on the menu for the day we disembark?! ABALONE noodles! Aaaaaaaargh!!! Missed it by JUST THIS MUCH.
Elf Trait 6: Friendly and Helpful

Google, my spa therapist from Africa shared with me many juicy gossips that happen on board. She hasn’t been home for the last 9 months! Checking into the spa while the ship was sailing was no mistake! For USD 129, I got a hot stone back massage, a foot massage, a mini facial and a scalp massage. All in 50 minutes. Singaporeans love such deals, bao ka liao (a little bit of everything).

What was different doing it on a cruise, however, is that everything just have that extra special touch. Google did a pre-spa consultation with me, asking if I like it this way or that, assessing my skin and body needs. After treatment, she took a moment to sit down with me, analyzing my skin, telling me what I should avoid or maintain.

Spa customers get to utilize the exclusive sauna and steam bath too.

Meeting Santa
Last but not least, us 10 bloggers got to get an exclusive tour to the helm of the ship.
 On a cruise ship, the Captain is the most respected and has the most authority. Having the best view on board, the captain’s office is a spacious one.
So there you go, all the little men working beneath your deck to make your holiday a memorable one.

Being on Legend of the Seas, it feels like home, it feels like family.


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hii! Nice to meet you!
I like your blog! it's very cool!
sorry my english is very bad :S
I love your photos!
Byebye! ;)

Chrispytine said...

heeey Laurie! You're French! Your English is very good. When i went France, no one could speak English. But they could understand me! :)

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