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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Next Chanel.

I'm glad i am a girl. I can't get enough of clothes. Imagine if i am a boy, i will be devasted that i can't dress up in outrageous prints, ruffles and colours and not be mistaken as homosexual or metrosexual (as if that's a bad term).

Then i felt sorry for being a girl. Because a girl has to spend so much money on updating her wardrobe. I am certainly fickle-minded. After all, i AM a girl.

I am not Fann Wong nor Paris Hilton, so i can't afford fashion that costs 3 figures or more. I started with This Fashion really. I made a $10 dress look $50. Back then, This Fashion wasn't that popular so i could pull it off. Then This Fashion became popular and i did not want to look like everybody on the street. I have to admit though, This Fashion still does stock some pretty decent buys at a steal. I just never step in again due to the affordability to the mass.

Then came Mango. Then i stopped, when Mango seem to be on sale perpeptually. Then i started buying designer peices. Not branded, but designer peices. The limited editions, the one-peice only, the unique and wild ones.

The other day, I saw a nice beach dress in Far East Plaza going for $49. But the material is so thin and translucent! I didn't find it worth paying for. Which is odd, because when i was in Australia, i paid top bucks for clothes without thinking twice. In ang moh countries, fashion comes at a price. Asia has really spoilt us rotten with the variety and low prices are available. So i switched back to being a thrifty shopper. Still, with my acquired taste for quality clothes, the ones that i want to buy have a tag of 3 figures!

And we learnt how to take measurements. That is mine. The teacher, an old Chinese lady is pretty funny. When taking measurements, some girls get insecure and they ask why their waist so big, why their tummy so big, why their breasts so big etc. The teacher simply said "Your neh tua mah!(your breasts are big)"

Then when my partner (a 40+ housewive i assume) asked the teacher why she measured her chest lower than mine..the teacher said " Your breasts lau lau (droopy) mah!"

Surprisingly, there were alot of young girls who enrolled in this class. I thought sewing is a thing of the past. You know how the Gen Y are criticised for not being able to cook, clean, sew nowadays.

But the girls who enrolled mostly looked nerdy, otherwise i suspect are spinsters.

So anyway, we will be making a blouse at the end of 8 weeks. So i googled..

These are runway fashion and they cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000.  This look abit too difficult for a beginner. I would expect i need to sew 4 different colours of cloth together. Because i can't find one cloth that looks exactly like that. That won't look nice. It would look like patch work.
 This looks doable.  Cotton with chunky gold buttons.
Then i got ambitious and started looking at dresses!
 This looked like a large scarf sewn together, i can do!
I think i got ahead of myself.

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