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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Been planning alot of activities as of late. I didn't give them any rest. After a late night out, already the next morning i am giving morning calls asking them to come join me swinging in the trees (an adventure course in Bedok).

I have been receiving emails from Doctor Date or Love Doctor informing me of Singles Meet-Ups. Usually at places like AMK Hub, Novena and City Hall. I have to pay $10 for admin fee and expenses is on my own. I DO NOT know how i got onto that list, but i find it amusing. These emails are made to be as inconspcious as possible...exact venue will be revealed after payment.

They are probably afraid that gate crashers will appear and mock at these sad sods. But really, there is nothing wrong joining a social agency. When you hit the working class, you hardly meet new people or make new friends. I know of many Singaporeans who officially stopped widening their social circle because there is no opportunity to. Then most of their friends are either married or attached, which leaves them to their own four walls, tub of ice-cream and an erotic novel.

Expats however, are forever partying. That's my impression of them. Can't blame them either, they come to a foreign country and has effectively zero friends, not counting colleagues. I actually felt sorry for this 40-ish ang moh who was buying a single ticket for Avartar at Cineleisure. I figured he must have just arrived, and its his first weekend.

So i'm glad i am showing the new boys in town other forms of socialising other than just partying. CNN provides entertainment, drinks and fun at no cost. Cab fare home at own expense. Maybe you should join my mailing list :P

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