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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Full House.

It was a Singles party! Everyone was there to look for a boyfriend. Haha..nah, it's a "Make New Friends" party. And new friends we made indeed, amidst the whacky games we played. Things like doing the Moonwalk, doing the Chicken dance, snogging the male next to you, taking off your panties etc.
Moi, the game mistress, truely. The watermelon concoction of Mangosteen juice and Vodka was a brilliant idea!
Paying close attention to the rules of the game. I love how Mel has the wide doe eyed look and James being totally SERIOUS.Like one big sleepover party..even the mattresses were laid out.Everybody loved my Pinata. We wanted to stuff him up and get the men to hold it while the girls grope around to break it blindfolded. But i'm secretly happy my zebra's virginity wasn't taken yet. I like having him around although he's a little hard to store in my room.
Another centerpeice of the house. Everyone asked where to buy one!
Even the watermelon wants to join in the guzzling party! We infused the red juicy meat with Vodka then freeze it and pop it like popsicles. James is a must-have for party games. He willingly volunteers for every round. Especially the kinky forfeits. He did the pole dance (and damn good at it. I'm surprised he's a guy. Either that, or he WATCHES alot of strippers). And he went commando, we need something even more kinky the next time round for him! Nothing fazzles him!The guests loved my popcorn! Popcorn that i've kept for 2 months now. All i had to do was heat it up and the soft popcorn is REVIVED! one had a tummy ache right?
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Melissa said...

:D It was a GREAT ONE babe! Even Nicole said so! And she's the queen for critiquing parties! Hahaha... And of course, thanks for the invite and even letting me bring my besties along!

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