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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cutting my hair short.

To young children, if you have long hair, you qualify as pretty.

To men, if you have long luscious hair, you qualify as feminine, pretty and more desirable compared to the same you with a short crop.

My ex boyfriend used to say if i cut my hair short, he will break up with me. Seemed like boyfriends will be the upset one more than the girl who lost her hair.

I was in a strict Primary school where only the dancers or the gymnists can keep their hair. The rest, we have to have hair not passing the end of our ears. Thus, that OBIANG hair-do you saw in my old photo.

Doesn't help that my hair is thick and rebonding wasn't discovered yet so i end up like a mushroom head.

Or like a helmet in this picture.

I am tempted to cut my hair short once in awhile. The random urge. I have kept my hair long since i was 16. A change would probably be refreshing.

spunky VS sexy
styling VS fuss free
fresh VS tired
save water VS more shampoo
high maintanance VS annual hair-cut
one style VS many styles
drop 10 strands VS drop 100 strands

So what do you think i should do? This black and white picture was the last time i went short. 8 years ago....

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