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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Turning 24.

Casanova and his bevy of babes. Maybe she's less popular this year (but really, just alot more friends are still on holidays), only 70 turned up compared to 200 the last year. 200 turned up last year, can you believe it! Machiam wedding dinner la! Nonetheless, she is a very popular girl, a social butterfly and loved by her friends.

It was a smashing birthday party because many people not only get to eat cake, they get to network too.
It was held atop The Sail. Look at that view, 44 levels up. The facilities are astounding, mud pool, spa, pool gym. I look forward to enjoying the view and the facilities on his rent! Because what good is it if you haven't got a friend to share soaking in the pool with and bouncing a tennis ball with no one? Fingers crossed that we can really host a coupling party at the same spot come Valentine's. Anyone RSVP-ing yet?

Before the sun sets. It's a silver themed party! I was telling the birthday girl i aint got anything in silver. And i thought of coming wrapped in aluminum foil. Luckily, i found my grey winter dress. Good thing it wasn't too hot.

4 men that night asked if i was Japanese or even local, and alot more others with random questions. Conversation starters, i suppose. I had fun networking, but at the end of the night, all i want to do is sip champagne and lick ice-cream with him.

Such a funny picture! They said this is a shopping ad.

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