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Friday, January 16, 2009

Boy Caught on Fire in a Case of Misadventure at Barbeque.

It looks like someone's crotch is on fire isn't it? Ivan had to play with the lighter, and it burst into flames on his hand. Quite exciting. Are you afraid of fire or water? Both for me. But i'm not afraid of the dark or heights.
Not quite sure what's with all those hands.

Had a BBQ last Tuesday at the roof top of Siping's house. Fantastic hang-out place.

Look at the boys staring intently at Disco Boy. Its this lighted up ball that sings Crazy Frog and bounces around. The battery was dying and the boys were taking a bet how long it would last. So they stared, and stared, and stared!

Dogs are attracted by lighted up balls too.
They were also researching over the theory of 'giving energy' to the ball. If you touch it, your energy passes to it, therefore giving it more battery life.
It was so windy on top that we kept wanting to do a Marilyn Monroe with my flowly skirt. But it was a total failure and ended with this shot. I know, my legs look awkward.
SP was saying 'group shot, group shot!'. Obviously, everyone else ignored her. Except Elynn right behind with her funny expression.
Showing off their latest handphones.
Roof top Frenzy.

The honey wings are fantastic.

Do you see Ivan's hotdog?

Couldn't control.

Can you count how many heads are in the picture?4.
We haven't hung out for a year. It was a little quiet at first when we just gathered. But into the night, we warmed up and what a night, i miss those nights.

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