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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Holy Land experience part 2

Singaporeans are identitied as the umbrella carrying group. We were the ONLY ones! But i tell you, we're not ashamed because it's simply really blazing! Going to Israel, few things you definitely must have:

1) Sunnies

2) Sun block

3) Umbrellas

4) Loose clothing but not all skimpy as this stone will tell you (at holy sites)

I am on yet another ancient fotress and city of Tel Megiddo. The scenery behind me is where Armageddon happened (some fight between yet another someone and another one) and will happen (in Revelation, the end-of-time war will take place here again between Angels and Devil).
The Holocaust Museum (Yad Vashem) was one of my favourite museums. Not because i am a saddist, but because it evoked plenty of emotions for me. To see the testimonies on video, all these people relating their war stories is just tear jerking. That's L-O-V-E in Jewish by the way, like the one we have outside Fish and Co near Plaza Sing.
Secretly (and secretly happy being shot at) shot looking at Golan Heights, the historic Jewish city of Gamla and the very publicised fight (currently taking place) for that peice of land.

I visited so many ancient cities. I don't know which is which. These pictures are either Jericho- the old city. Or the ancient city of Beth Shean. Or maybe its Gamla, OR Beit Alpha. Hahahahhaa...

The owner of this fruit stall went to ask my father for my hand in marriage. He's 24, Palestinian. Told me he had a house ( i pointed to a hotel and asked if its that big. He said "yeah". Wonder if he understood my question), a car, cows, horses and asked me to marry him. Freaky! Lol. But he's sweet. He gave me free fruits and nuts. Hahaha...unlike Singaporean men nowadays. So stingy!

I think its just me being Asian, everywhere i go, the locals will be "you're very beeeeautiful". It's just like how naturally everyone would think an ang moh would be good looking. But there are ugly ang mohs also mah.
Aha! I remember this. Although i've seen like hundreds of stones in my 12 days. This is Masada- Herod the Great's palaces. You would think palaces are grand marble flooring etc. but palaces in those days of Israel are simply great rock massifs.

Pastor/ our tour guide is a really good one. He's not only knowledgable in all Biblical aspects, he really only wants the best for his tour group. So we visited way and beyond our itinery. Kudos to the 78 year old (?) man who walks faster than anyone else in the group. Ok, actually i'm sure Tim and i can walk faster than him. Just that we were busy cam whoring 90% of the time. And then the Sea of Galilee. Where no swimmung is allowed.
Funny you know, Israel is a country that can speak English pretty well. And so far all the signs we saw were in good English. What happened to this one?
A boat like this was found by archelogist during the time of Jesus. And therefore it's probably DA boat that Jesus took out to sea with His disciples to fish. No one tried to walk on the sea of Galilee. The kawaii poses of 6 and 7.
To be continued..


Timothy said...

not 6 and 7

Chrispy Tine said...

i was doing 6!

Timothy said...

but i was doing 8!

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