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Monday, October 13, 2008


Sometime back my elder brother's friends Derek and his girlfriend came to visit me. I'm so glad my brother pointed them in the right direction. Because we had a fantastic time (though very short) together. I can't even remember how we hit off. We've never met before. Just that my brother passed them my contact number, and they flew 3000 miles for a blind date. So a year later, Derek finally sent me the photos. I still see him here and there, his girlfriend works beneath me. Literally. (She's on 2nd floor, i'm on 4th) Was telling him i'm glad the photos arrived a year later, because it's nice to look back on memories after time has passed.
I love this picture! Behind us is the spot that buskers usually perform at. On my left is the Fremantle market where locals usually visit on Sundays to get cheap fruits and vegetables. They also sell many other trinklets and what-nots.
I drove them another 20Km or so out of the city for the World's Best Pizza. Looking back at my days in Perth, skin was so good! I get the occassional break-out in Singapore. But in Australia, my skin was perfect and rosy! But, i guess i was fairer and fatter in Australia too. I run and swim in Australia, plus a healthy diet. But dunnoe why..just won't lose any weight. Maybe its cause its not as humid as in Singapore. So we hardly perspire = no weight loss. OH, and plus the amount of STRESS we get in Singapore??!!
This was only ONE take. Pays to be trained in martial arts and dancing. I will not show off the numerous stunt photos Derek took. He's such a show off. Hahaa

Her arms must be so big i was afraid it was gonna cover my face. Or maybe i just wanted to check if she shaved.

She was looking at the ducklings and he was creeping up, i suppose. Brought them to UWA grounds and a family of ducks reside there!
I can't remember if they said the pizza was good. It's one year ago!

Although it happened one year ago, i don't remember intentionally placing my glasses like that.

See, definitely fatter down under. See that tummy? I miss my Honda! I remember cleaning her in and out every once in awhile, i remember coaxing her to start up when she's too cold. I remember her getting me to work early in the morning and getting me home late at night. I remember her taking me to markets and bringing home the groceries, i remember my friends riding in her, impressed with her beauty.
I hope the old man who bought her over is treating her well now. Am so glad Derek suggested taking a picture with her, it's the one and only picture that i have with her.
On their last night, i brought them to Burswood. Hahaha..because there's no other place open other than the casino! Hahaha..then used my DOME stamp cards that i kapo from my workplace to get us free drinks! Hahaha...oh, now i know why no matter how i exercised, i won't lose weight. It's because i've been working at eateries!! And you get to snack on chips, roast, sandwiches and tons of hot chocolate.
Very typical of Singaporean tourists. Tickled at seeing their country name in the foreign land.

The car Derek rented, also the car i embarrassed myself with. They drove it to my house right, and i drove them to Fremantle and returned with their car to my house. Some arrangement, i can't remember why. So anyway, i drove back, parked in my driveway and went to get something.
When i was ready to go off, i stuck the key in, but i couldn't ignite the engine! I kept trying to turn the key as you would normally start a car, but it just won't budge. I nearly broke the key, i tell you.
I even had to ask my neighbour over to help me start the car! Thinking he's a man, he would know better. But we sat there for a good ten minutes figuring why the key wouldn't turn. And just because he is a man, he realised my gear stick was in D mode instead of P, thus the key can't turn. Now, that's one lesson learnt.
I miss Perth, i miss my house, i miss my neighbourhood, i miss my workplace, i miss my house mates.
I miss going round the next street playing majong, i miss the shopping, i miss the weekends where we'll do nothing but grocery shop, warehouse shop (where its cheap yet current surf brands), buy bubble tea and $4.99 pizzas, then rent DVDs and stay at home.
Why is it just not the same here in Singapore?


Shyanne said...

i actually read about that whole ignition thingy in a tony parsons book, "my favourite wife".

Chrispy Tine said...

u mean it happened in the book?i'm reading it now!but so far,it's not getting me hooked yet. Not erotic enuf. hahaa

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