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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Level 1 completed.

Nasty Naughty Boy by Christina Auguilera


1) back facing chair, turn head round, do the c'mere sign ( song goes 'c'mere big boy)
2) jiggle booty (drum rolls)
3) slowly shift to your left, hip roll
4) another hip roll, slowly raise arms at the same time and 'ruba' yourself
5) back facing chair, do a figure 8
6) bend over and run your fingers up your extended leg.
7) flick head/hair up
8) turn to side, lick finger
9) walk towards chair, shake one finger (song goes "you naughty boy")
10) Wiggle down on your balls of feet, hands on viewer's lap
11) jump up, legs apart, flick head up
12) walk to side, back facing your sole viewer, hip roll.
13) move to back, 'ruba' your viewer.
14) walk to left side, another hip roll
15) half straddle, 2 hip rolls, unstraddle.
16) do a shimmy
17) left hand-left chest, right hand-right chest
18) left hand down south, right hand down south
19) keep it there, another hip roll
20) put 1 leg up in btw gap
21) stroke leg
22) left hand to viewer left shoulder, right to right
23) rock back and forth x2
24) turn to right,one knee down.
25) 2 knees down, face viewer
26) bend back, You-blow-my-mind action
27) crawl to viewer, support, hip roll up.
28) sit in gap, take hands wrap around self
29) throw
30) lean back, slide down.
31)turn around, hip roll up.
32) swing head to left, both knees down
33) rock forth, rock back
34) kneel back, bounce up bounce down, caress
35) get up (seductive style), back facing, slap tush
36) walk to right side, bend over, slap tush
37) straddle full, shoulder roll, body wave.
38) unstraddle
39) leg on gap, stroke
40) hand on shoulder, rock forth, rock back
41) one knee down, both knees down, blow-my-mind
42) crawl to viewer, one leg out, cross over right to get up
43) legs spread open, wiggle tush up, flick head, slap tush
44) walk to back, take viewer's hand, slide up you
45) half straddle, back facing viewer, reach down, stroke viewer's leg
46) take shirt off, swing it hard, straddle it, hip roll
47) put round viewer's neck, wiggle down, put leg in gap, pull towards you.

Whew, that was very long to type. Either you get it or you don't. It's for my reference and remembrance for future use anyway.

Too bad i don't know how to upload videos here. It's one hot dance.

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