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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Window to your soul.

The product was coloured contact lens. I've never wore coloured contacts, except maybe brown...but wow, did blue totally change me.

At first, i looked like a vampire. Only missing were the teeth. But after second and third looks, i think i look better! From AFAR...that is. Hah. I don't think my date will be able to look me in the eye if i were just across the table.

But boy, does the picture turn out striking. Or perhaps you can't even see the difference between a coloured eye and the normal. Then again, why do my home picture and the studio picture have such a huge contrast. I doubt i looked good in the one that's going to come out on your magazine. But well, i keep my comments.
By the way, i've heard that natural blue eyes are rarer now. Due to the "mixture of human race"
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, King Kong!
P.S Oh my gosh, all the little kids in church have grown...sweets used to buy their favor, and now they're wearing bikinis???!!! I need to go wash my eye...


Shyanne said...

nice lenses!

hahaha... after a few more times you'll get used to it.

you going hong kong?! bring me back a really believable fake chanel bag! hahahahahah

brandon said...

Hey, may i know where you can get the 'grow your own name' magic beans from? And does it really grow? HAHA


Chrispy Tine said...

Hello Brandon, i believe Ivan have already given you your answers. Mine didn't grow. Funny thing was..after leaving it there for 2 months, i got frustrated on how it doesn't grow..i went to dig the bean up. Or rather..try to dig the bean up.

but couldn't...because the bean disappeared. Decomposed maybe...

Chrispy Tine said...

Shy, such goods were not displayed..they've clamped down on such already. they only leave out catalogues and if you're 'follow them to somewhere' to get it.

So not safe lah.

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