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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pictures talk

Beautiful Saturday. And erm, my stomach's not that big by the way. Its coz i was leaning over and my dress 'hung'.

Ivan's sexy ass.
Hunting down Tobit, the love child of xxxxxx and xxxx. (you actually bothered to count)

Mother's Day lunch at Changi Village Hotel. The spread was good, o full.

The Elder Brother went back to childhood. Sprinkles aplenty.

Tobit's secret identity is a goat, or a pig. 

Such a baby. The human, i mean.

I am the dictator.

but The Father refuses to submit.

The Kid behind is in envy.
and The Guest spoilt the picture by digging into the dessert right at the back.

The Olive sits prettily in the middle. The works of the eater.

The Mother kept the top i got for her unwrapped so that she can specifically wear it for the occasion.

I am the only fun one.
They finally did it.
I realised i have Fann Wong worthy fair armpits. And my arms are long like a Orang Utan.

I am in pain and they are sending me to A&E.

One mountain taller than the other.

1 comment:

Shyanne said...

wow, your family sure knows how to have fun!

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