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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Megan's Visit.

Someone already dug the hole for us to pose in.

Dead bear.
A tourist must of course, take a picture with our icon.

Megan was only acting. She's really cool with it, but me? I loathe snakes. Maybe because i'm a good Christain? hahahaha..since the Bible says women and snakes are loggerheads. I didn't used to fear snakes that much. So maybe as i become closer to Him, i dislike snakes more? hahahaa. Some warped theory.

Papaya Babies.
A deer (the waiter) caught in the headlight of an oncoming car (another waiter taking our photo).

This was totally stupid. Why were we even smiling inside the basket?


Shyanne said...

i have that top too! in orange. i bought it with you at far east i think.

and you don't look like you've put on any weight at all! your tummy's so flat! maybe you lost it all when you came back.

Pui Cheong said...

I have that top too! But i bought it in Geylang..

Pui Bong said...

Shyanne, should we go shopping together one day? It's been a long time since we did that..

Chrispy Tine said...

Shyanne! i'm surprised u still read.considering u no longer write :(

Yeah, i liked that top on you! But i actually dun really like it on myself. U carry it off better.

Anyway, Cleo Bachelor party tis fri..u on? Going with Luann.

Pui Bong and Cheong, u look good in red Gs.

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