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Friday, February 8, 2008

Colours of my Life

I haven't been blogging...because well,i'm back! Which defeats the original plan of keeping a blog: being away from home. Well, also i have started work...i DO NOT want to be near a computer when i get home (too much radiation! i might turn into a 3 legged deformed freak.) And of course, i do not blog at work (how can you even think that!) LOL.

Guess what we had as part of our yu sheng? Pre Cum Strip. I think it meant pre-cut/prepared cucumber strips. But...lost in translation. LOL!

That, is a real seashell at one of my favourite uncle's home. His new apartment is uber cool. His own private lift into his living room, in the heart of Orchard. Floor to ceiling mirrors...fabulous taste. He lives the lifestyle i can only dream of!

He has various miscellaneous antiques displayed around. Some Chinese emperor's xie zhen ji, and some ancient kite.

Oh, shyanne..i suppose you can see my curls there.

The latest addition to the Ng family. He is uber cute, maybe its the USA influence where he spent his early years at. I was bored, so i took out my camera and urged Lithos to take pictures. His dad, my uncle, asked me warily, if i really wanted him to do that.

The child prodigy took this flower. Or maybe my camera is just good.

He directed me to pose. Ok, maybe i volunteered some.

He went into photography mode.

Oops, he's too short.
Did i mention he likes pretty girls and want to be a superstar? Haha. Correction, he likes thin AND pretty girls. He is so cute when he talks, my brother has a video somewhere.

Finally, there is reason to pull out those dresses from Australia.

There is no celebration without bubbles and sparkles.

He actually took this! His dad, my uncle still insisted on pure luck. Haha! It's as if you're living with a superhero but don't know his abilities.

If i were a kid TV show character, what will i be called? Durian Jie Jie, perhaps?

Why are all sparklers now whistling? Rhema in the background was the first brave boy to get his lighted, and as it whistled away, he got such a shock, his expression was this:

He literally jumped when the first shrill sound rang. It was hilarious for the adults to watch though. Lithos initially was still holding two sticks, waiting to be lighted. After seeing what Rhemma went through, he threw one away.

When he takes pictures for you, he will prepare you by saying "cheeese".

He bobs his head away while listening to Ivan's ipod. His favourite genre? Rock and pop. He hates the kiddie songs his teacher and classmates sing in nursery.

Obviously, boys are better in making funny faces.

Running out of ideas to pose, he stuck his finger in.


Poi Cham said...

Are you coming to my house for chinese new year visiting? I haven't seen you for a long long time.. Really miss the old times.. You look fatter now though..

chap chye said...

you must be obese if you call that fat.

chap chye said...

you must be obese if you call that fat.

poi cham said...

Who is this? Why are you so evil to me?

poi cham said...

I am talking to christine.. not chap chye.. you should go away.. you giam chye..

Shyanne said...

that's a really pretty pink dress! i'm so jealous!

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