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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Wedding

I was looking forward to my first wedding in a western country but i must say i was a tad disappointed. Singapore's weddings are still better, at least the food are :P. We have shark's fin..braise duck etc. This was a buffet with lots of cold cuts. Cold crab, cold prawns...even the hot food are very westernised...lamb shanks etc, and although there were chinese style soya chicken, its too dry. They don't do ten course meals here like in Singapore, but they do have the option of either a buffet or the waiters serve appetizers, a main and dessert for a wedding.

Wedding receptions are usually at a garden, and alot of them hold it in the sunken garden of UWA. That's Alvin's university, i posted a picture of there with him quite some time back. This dinner was held in a hotel but a huge disappointment. Gifts here are not like ang baos in Singapore (but they do have wishing wells here, where you can put in money for the newly wed), but wishing lists where the couple indicate what they would like with a destinate shopping retailer and you can buy them what they want with that retailer. Quite a good idea actually, since its a win-win situation for all 3 parties. But i think chinese culture is we are all too pai seh to tell people what presents we want.

The wedding consisted of a passable band, food, speeches and ballroom dance performed by the couple. I made a mental note my wedding MUST have games, prizes, performances, a funny and entertaining MC, fun fair and perhaps fireworks. And you know how in shows the bride always throw her bouquet in the end? How come i never see it in real life?

But i must say the groom gave a good speech. They have a very bright future now. Only 27, and one's a doctor, the other an accountant. But they're asians so i suppose their wedding is more reserved so i can't really say i've been to a westernised wedding. I hear the westerner's wedding are more exciting with alcohol and cheeky games.

I didn't take alot of pictures because i didn't feel quite in place. They were 'new friends'.

Very interesting deco. Its marshmellows in the vase! Supplied with tea light candles which we roast the marshmellows with. And those silvery heart shaped things...we initially thought they were pebbles or some deco, definitely not to eat since it felt rock hard. But someone got so bored that she started biting it and voila, its chocolate!

That's the door gift. A photo frame..which i forgot to bring home.

I will drink this before it expires, on the 16th Nov. Me,myself and smooth banana.


Shyanne said...

so cute the marshmallow idea! and how could you have forgotten to bring home the door gift?! duh.

i love the idea of choosing your own gifts. like how they do in america. i want to do that.

and you looked lovely in the dress!

RaGe FuRy said...

Yay! You bought the nice dress!

Chrispy Tine said...

oh,i din buy. i own all of them! hahahahahaa....

Shyanne said...

oh so you own them huh?! that means i can borrow the white one when you get back right?


i kid.

Chrispy Tine said...

haha.very funny, shy.promise you wont produce armpit sweat stains...

i believe u can fit, since its kinda big for me at the bust. dun haf that bust u haf...hah aha

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