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Monday, October 8, 2007

The Royal Show

When Ivan and mum came last year, we took a train to Claremount and stood outside contemplating if we should pay $16 each to go into the royal show. Good thing we didn't, although it was very tempting seeing people coming out with HUGE soft toys and colourful bags full of goodies. This year i went, and it IS a waste of money ($22 entrance fee this year).

This is the most polite boy ever that i've met. See what i mean by you going green with envy at this place? Many people walk around with such huge toys! From playing the fair games. I wasn't confident in winning any, so didn't try my luck. Although one nice man at a stall let me play for free, but i bet he knew i'm a lousy aimer, thus the generosity. Haha.

I didn't take any rides as they were $8 each and i've sat my fair share of these rides in my 20 years. Yes, entrance fee is purely only entry.

Do we look like tai-tais?

It is a colourful place.
Look at the array of toys! Some were SURE-WIN. But then, it's equivalent to BUYING THE TOY!

There were farm animals as well, nothing interesting just that they stink.

i love the weather here!

I'm a premium breed.

Now, i'll end off with this amusing picture. What is that thing sticking out from the sheep's ass? I couldn't figure it out.

1 comment:

Shyanne said...

the fair looks bright but boring?

and that's a very cute outfit. i like.

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