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Friday, September 5, 2014

Cocktail Recipes with Lipton

Just the other day, George Young invited us to his house for a Lipton tea party. 
When there's tea and canapes in the house, there'll be good conversations.
But when you combine tea AND alcohol together, you get many possibili-teas!
Bird's eye view.
George roped in a master mixologist from Cufflink Club to give us a master class in concocting some very refreshing cocktails.
Mixologist Joel looks at George lovingly, that's what possibili-tea do to you
16 unique recipes with a variety of Lipton tea, i am so inspired to start throwing ADULT tea parties! They are good looking to boot too, surely to impress my guests. The Fruitea Red Crush which i successfully made was SO SIMPLE yet such a pretty drink that tasted very refreshing. A tinge of sour, the right amount of sweet and very fruity! It felt like a healthy drink, i almost forgot there's alcohol in there. Such cocktails are deadly, they're so yummy that you'll down too many before alcohol has an effect. Hehehe. This recipe is ingenius! Perfect for our Singapore weather, perpeptually summer. 
Here're the recipes:
2 cocktail instruction videos available

However, if you are having a children's tea party....
I have tea parties with my animal friends!
there are also mocktail recipes! You can get them from Lipton's Facebook page.

With alcohol, tea and a relaxed atmosphere, i made friends at George's tea party. I spoke to another mixologist (also a guest) who told me he has never heard of tea being used for cocktails. This was rather innovative and revolutionary!

These recipes give a new twist to tea drinking, opened up many possibilities other than just being a hot drink. The new Lipton broke teabag tradition to come up with the Lipton Pyramid bag which allows tea leaves more room to move and infuse for a better brew. 

The Forrest Fruits Lipton tea pyramid bag smelled soooo good the moment i release the box from its wrapper. I think i can hang it like potpourri in the bathroom.

Possibili-teas right?

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