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Monday, March 3, 2014

Review of Ecorganics: a Non Chemical Blowout


You know that feeling when you look at that girl with perfect hair in envy? I've been hair. 
It doesn't help that my mum always asks if i've combed my hair when i have!

She calls this 披头散发.

I'm super lazy, i never blow or iron my hair before going out. Neither do i use any hair products to manage the frizz. Hair's been on my mind, and while my hair is virgin to dye, it's been brutally violated by countless chemical sessions of rebonding.

I read in an article that hair loss is Singaporean's number 1 fear, but that's another review for another day.

For now, i try to treat my hair as natural possible. I hardly even go for a cut, hurhurhur.

Stumbled upon Ecorganics, opened by a husband-wife team, along Upper Thomson Road.
They recommended the new generation of hair smoothing, REALLISSE equivalent to the lately popular Brazilian Blowout but better. Better because it is CHEMICAL FREE.
I went home to research the Brazilian Blowout. After all, i'm a conscious money spender & for my hair length, REALLISSE is looking to be double the price. 

To my horror, while some rave about the hairtastic results of the Brazilian Blowout, many also said the process was "life threatening".

I went back to Ecorganics, convinced that paying extra is a wiser investment to hair health. 

First, my hair is washed with a smoothing shampoo that has no sulfates, parabens and synthetic fragrances. Then, dried and sprayed with a catalyst that is a hair smoother. It is a clear liquid, thin like water.
Stylists wear gloves and ear covers for the customer is used when undergoing a rebonding treatment.

However, i noticed the REALLISSE requires none as such. This treatment is indeed gentle (and harmless?) for the skin. It is not only colourless, it is odourless. Usually after rebonding, i would smell the chemical in my hair for days after.
A REALLISSE sealant is sprayed with the final touch of the ZERRAN flat iron. Why would i mention the brand name ZERRAN? What's special? It vibrates, unlike other flat irons. We reckon the vibration is gentler on the hair, and will not tug at it. Finally, my hair is washed with a masque and a balm was applied as a finishing touch.
My almost-waist-level hair cost $600 to be frizz free with Ecorganics Reallisse treatment. It comes with after-care products, like shampoo, masque and balm. The effect is said to last about 6 months.

Not all treatments and services at Ecorganics are with a premium price despite using 70-80% organic products. The REALLISSE is priced because the treatment materials are without perservatives, thus once opened, it has to be discarded. A new bottle every time for a new customer, its cost is high. 

Friends commented on my hair after. They could tell something was different, neater, without the flat effect rebonding usually gives.

Girls just wanna have hair.

From this
to this. Without the need for styling, blowing or ironing before stepping out. Chemical-free too!
Find Ecorganics here

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