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Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Chateauform Stay in Champery

I've never stayed at a ski lodge and i was pretty darn excited when i checked into one last November.
It was an amazing home concept where The Homes of Katy and Jacques provides full board at premium quality and luxury.  

I had the attic room where the interior is decked out with heavy wood, exactly like how i envisioned a ski lodge would be!
With fur blankets!
Moving downstairs, there are common rooms where you can play snooker, sing Karaoke, wii and more. There is also a DIY cocktail bar with mouth watering Swiss bites. We took a leaf out of the cocktail recipe book on standby and created decent mojitos for everyone! Some had the alcohol content dialed up, teehee.
Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and snacks are served in Chateauform. There are self-serve stations at breakfast, but otherwise there are people who will help you with your omelette or pancake too. But where's the fun if you don't do it yourself!
Set against a backdrop you can't find fault with. Nearby are ski slopes and hiking trails, a winter destination.
We all squealed with delight when we found our keys attached with a yodeling beaver. You could buy them after your stay for 10 euro.
In the basement, you can find saunas, gym and a water massage bed! I didn't know such technology existed.
Quite frankly i haven't quite eaten orgasmic food in Europe, but here in Chateauform, every morsel of food was. You bring a plate into the kitchen to get food piled on.
Such is a memorable home concept in a ski lodge.


Anja said...

I'm not a winter-y ski person myself, but it sure looks great! What a cool skichalet.

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