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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: La Caléche in Chamonix

I don't normally write food reviews because i hate to hold up eating for a foodporn photo-shoot but La Caleche in Chamonix is worth a mention.

Chamonix (prounced as Char-mo-nee) is my favourite French town at the borders of Switzerland because of Mt Blanc, an abundance of physical activities to do and a vibrant town that doesn't shut promptly at 6pm.

The exterior of Le Caléche at 18, Rue D Paccard 74400 Chamonix was unsuspecting. It doesn't do a good job enough to attract tourists in but i hit jackpot.
This is going to be a very poor food/restaurant review because i can't remember anymore what the dishes were called, how much they cost and how they tasted. The pictures also don't do much justice because we were basking in the warm orange glow lighting the ambience.  I guess you'll have to trust my word, otherwise it's my attempt at retaining memory of the address if i ever do visit again.

From the outside, it looked like it would not hold more than 50 diners but as we should know never to judge a book by its cover, La Caléche actually holds 350 with 3 floors. It would be foolish to sit outside by the sidewalk as most Caucasians love to do.

Inside it was almost like a museum filled with old items and stuffed animals. 
After placing my order, i walked all 3 floors just admiring the interior at every nook and cranny. Watch out for the waiters hustling around though as it can get very busy.
Even the long walkway to the bathroom wasn't spared.

Remembering the menu is tricky but i believe we went for the set menu that was something like 26 euros each.

Tomato quiche, love it but pretty filling and we're only at appetizers.

Thought we would be squeamish with the duck cappaccio but we liked it!
The cheese filled ravioli  as a main was just so-so
A surprise (that turned delight) that scallop risotto meant large scallops and a mouthful of risotto
Red wine stewed beef
This post will stop abruptly with a closing line. A truly authentic Savoyarde experience with its delicious food and unique ambience that reflect the regions farming and skiing origins, this makes La Caléche a must-go. Reservations (0450559468) are recommended. 

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