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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Alien Bar in Gruyére

I never would have thought i'll find this in Switzerland but i did. Found in Gruyére, one of my favourite medieval towns, perched right atop the hill of a cobble-stoned town is the Alien Bar.
Gruyere, cobble-stoned with castles.
The Swiss artist that is known for his Oscar winning designs for the 1980s classic film Alien converted a 4 storey chateau into a museum-bar that houses his work of 40 years. The HR Giger museum has an entry fee but the reception area has drawings and sculptures to browse for free. The museum doesn't just house Giger's film designs but also his work before he became famous for Alien as well as pieces he collects and artists he curates. However, if you are familiar with the classic film, you will not be shocked to find his work housed in this museum is as disturbing.
Museum reception.
The first time i found this unique bar, i could only cup my hands on the glass for a peep. There was a sign that said 'no photography except for guests'. I swing the doors open, pretending to look for someone inside, and sneakily took a pic. I vowed to return.
And i did, 8 months later. Despite it being a bar, it is only open till 8pm. Then again, it WOULD be strange if you find anything open after 6pm in Switzerland. Stepping into the bar transported me temporary into a mutated future civilization. The impressive architecture interior will make any Alien movie buff foam.
With the floor engraved with strange hieroglyphs, chairs looking like spinal cords and the entire 'cave' fitted with bone-coloured furniture, the architecture installation is awe inspiring.
The price of photography is chf 8 for a glass of bottled juice.
The seat is surprisingly pretty comfortable.
Gives my back bone good posture.
The vertebrae that runs across the entire ceiling, covering every inch of the pillars is a sight to behold.

I tried the alien coffee set. For CHF 14, you get a cappuccino in a goblet, a green liqueur, a mini Toblerone and  typical Swiss dessert meringue with cream. I had better meringue with cream elsewhere and Italy's coffee was definitely better
However, if you want to have swag material for Facebook and Instagram, the chf 14 is worthwhile to feel part of the new form of beings - a symbiosis of man and machine.
HR Giger Bar
Opening Hours
Apr-Oct daily 10am-8.30pm
Nov- Mar Mondays closed

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