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Thursday, June 5, 2008

It hadn't been an easy week.

Amidst all those celebrities pictures, here's ... oh shit, i forgot my cousin's name! New arrival to the Ng family. Matthew i think, oh no..i hope my Uncle doesn't see this. How can i forget his son's name! Plus my Uncle dotes on me quite a bit...ohhhhh shiiiit....
Holding this warm squirming thing against my chest give me this feeling i can't comprehend. Sorta can't wait to have one, yet don't really want the responsibility of having one (i wanna play! Spend my money on clothes, fun!) feeling.

And he's one blessed kid. Because he's gonna be chauffered around in this Rolls Royce. Which, me, the big sister had the honour of being chauffered in first. Hahaha..oh my, the stares we get. Luckily i dressed glamourous that day. Did not planned to be taken around Singapore in this manner, however.

Footnote: for those interested, in this limited edition Phantom something, there were 2 foldable tv screens in the back seat. A refridgerator, and a case of crystal globets (for your chi chi drinks, i suppose)

And before this Phantom ride, i was taken for lunch by a friend in his latest BMW convertible. Now, i'm not a person to be impressed by rides, lavish lunches, gifts and handsome men. But oh, how it feels good being pampered like a princess.

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