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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

She said I got Talent.

After searching high and low, I finally got a lady driving instructor. All the other ones I got from the yellow pages, the men sounded weird. Communication break down. Today’s my first driving lesson, and I’m hooked!! So fun, like Daytona.

She said this’s her first allowing a student on her first lesson to go onto a busy street, because i got talent..i’m a goooood girl, she says. Hahahaa…

Yeah, talent. Talent that Dad didn’t realize his car moved from the parking lot to the staircase one day when we were all rushing for school/ work. Hee hee heee

Its really different though, how they access driving here. Do you know for your test, you drive barefoot? Hahhaaa..pity whoever has Hongkong foot. Now, why is it called Hong Kong anyway.

Also, so interesting, they give you scenarios. Like going to the shopping center, leaving something behind and going back etc.

I hope to pass first time, because I don’t wanna lose time. I’m juggling work, studies and driving now. And I like being a super woman. SO I’m taking auto, and I’m not a loser, Norman.

I didn’t want to waste brain juices figuring manual out. I tried, clutch, press, stall. Most cars are auto anyway, but I DID consider..what if one day I kana kidnapped, then the car is MANUAL!! Then how I escpae, I wont have the skill. I will be dead…

Norman says I’m irritating, because of such thinking but hey! Things DO happen what…but Norman helped me figure it out..the kidnappers will probably be just as loser as me. They use auto cars too..hahahaha

And I think I’m so disciplined. I actually bothered to wake up at 7am this morning to run, then went for my first driving lesson at 9am, then studied, cooked lunch, went for lectures, cooked dinner and studied.

The boyfriend says my cooking is getting better by the day. But the boyfriend’s greedy, always say I cook too little, but reaching the end of the meal, he’s always complaining he’s too full.

I’m going to wake up at 7am everyday now, leading up to my exams. Ok, try to. So I can make up for loss time. The 2 weeks I played with mum and ivan.

Ba ba black sheep, have they any you. Yes sir, yes sir, I miss you.

P.S I overheard my house mate talking with her girlfriend on the phone..their baby will be called Lychee.


Shyanne said...

lychee?! u can't be serious.

oh and bf tried teaching me to drive in his car the other day. he ended up damn frustrated because i kept screwing up the clutch. i can up gear in a jiffy, just not drop gear. my brain stalled!


he says i should just take auto.

Chrispy Tine said...

hahahaa...the boyfriend gets a heart attach when ever i try driving his car.He grips the window frames hard..i wont kill him, will i? Muahahaaa.

Chrispy Tine said...

and woman, you changed ur password on ur blog? i couldn't view. and yes, still waiting for my it coming :P

Anonymous said...

we had dinner with aunty pansy just now and heard that pauline has got her car for 3 weeks now, she passed first time. b4 the test, she drove with her instructor everyday for 10 days continuously.u may want to do the same to ensure u pass first time too. mnd.

RaGe FuRy said...

its alright.. even if u fail, there is always the boyfriend to fly you ard with his PRIVATE LICENCE when dec comes..

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