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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Christmas in Strasbourg

Touted to be the world's largest and oldest Christmas market, Strasbourg is worth paying a visit during the festive period. However, while neighbouring Colmar isn't as renowned, we personally preferred Colmar's cosy market atmosphere because of the beautiful quaint town it was located in.
Colmar is known for their storks, which is why we saw plenty of tourists snapping up those dorky storky hats.

I was tempted, but i was already bipolar.
I didn't think much about storks, except from the image of them delivering babies.

The myth about the storks delivering babies were used to deflect children's questions when they asked about the birds and the bees. Some of the reasons why storks, are that they are big birds. 

Here's proof. 

The community even put up a structure around the chimney to protect the nest.

Done with Colmar, we reached our original destination.
A tad like Singapore's Orchard Road Christmas light-up but ten times better, more festive and no sweaty bodies despite being crowded. 

Not just lights, but 3D decoration too!
Pee spot?
Strasbourg was lively with plenty of stalls to check out. If you ever visit Christmas markets in Europe, be sure to get a cup of hot wine (spiced wine with cinnamon).
Christmas was milling about with friends, keeping each other warm with lots of laughter. 
My Christmas was magical. 


Paleorina said...

Haha I went to Colmar many years ago too and during Christmas! So obscure. I think we were the only tourists there.

Anonymous said...

Really?? When i went, full of tourists milling around. Maybe u were the trend spotter!

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