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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Life in Switzerland

Facing some harmless stereotypes
An ego stroke being called exotic
Buildings are so close to each other and i can see the reflection of the Alps
My humble abode
Bought my first living thing companion, a fly trapper
Our first meal
At my doorstep
The important French phrases to know
Teaching kungfu
Buying a tomato plant from IKEA and eating them
The neighbourhood's happy hour
Summer time means eating on the balcony with friends
Solo meal times are best
My dive instructor
Diving in lake Geneva
Catching purple sunsets
Showing up in matching tees to roller blade
Plenty of solo travels
Exchanging cultures
Brow raising Swiss gym fashion
Talking to random strangers
Experimenting recipes
Feeding friends
Simple joys like bubble tea
Trying new flavours
Teaching yoga
My office space
Chasing swans in the lake
It's a kid's playground
Took 56 shots of this fork
The lake, the mountain, the beauty below my apartment
BBQ in the outback
Met my rock solid boyfriend
Lotsa merry making
Fav spicy salami pizza at Pizza Taxi
My home deco
Giant dogs


Anja said...

You live n Geneva, Christine? Wiow, what an adventure! Wondeful! Hope you survive winter there;-)

Xtine said...

@anja plenty of weekend adventures :)

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