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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 1, 2400 hours. 

I sit here in Rovaniemi airport in disbelief. My travel partner who was supposed to be with me could not make it in the eleventh hour because of a crime that took place right before we board the airport train. I've been awake and on the road for the last 17 hours. 

There's not a single soul in the airport of Santa, not even staff. Outside, snow began to fall. 

The bus finally arrived, full of military boys. Bless the cold, for they don't smell. In camo print uniform and sporting blonde boyish cuts, they lay sprawled on the seats, fatigued from training.  

I felt like a female war correspondent, not sure where we're heading in the dark. Light snowflakes float towards the windshield rapidly as the bus sped, it was like how i've seen in arcade games. 

I like how its silent outside as we pass the endless line of snow-capped cone-shaped trees. 

In the distance, the sky is a light hue of red, white & green. Catching the Dance of the Spirits look promising. 

Finally arrived in Kakslauttanen. I picked up an envelope marked with my name & used a sleigh to pull my lugguage to my glass igloo. 

Thus starts my solo journey to chase the aurora borealis. 

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