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Friday, June 7, 2013

Month in Snapshots

This was meant to be an April's post but only got around to uploading the pictures now.
Went out on a yatch with friends,
Weddings are good reunions for everybody. These were my Australain study mates, school times are always the best years (except polytechnic, where i found most classmates pretentious). The bride and groom's love story was a bittersweet one. Boy liked girl, girl wasn't sure. Both dated other people, but ended up with each other after 4 years. It's pretty romantic that they ended up together, despite the path not being a direct one.
Dining at Ocean Restaurant was worthwhile, the vain manta rays kept doing a dance right in front of us! With limited seating, make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance.
Ben & Jerry's appointed me as a moolet,
and then i had a series of farewells.
My last meal was chilli crab
Reading with disbelief, lol
I got cupcakes customized, it was meant to be a hand coming out from a grave to say 'i'm just temporary gone'. It was expensive, about 7 per peice but it was fun. My morbid humour.

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