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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lost in Transit, Crowne Plaza Hotel


Changi Airport fills me with all sorts of emotions. As a kid, my grandparents would take me for no reason, just to hang out there and watch the planes. As a teenager, I always loved sending people off at the airports because it means i could pay a visit and had a reason to go. As an adult, i still loved visiting the airport but disliked being the one left behind. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to do a staycation at the World's Top 10 airport hotels Crowne Plaza Hotel.

And i did.
Walking down the corridor to my room, it was surreal. I had to remind myself a couple of times that i haven't left Singapore, despite being at the doorstep of jet setting away. A tropical resort hidden within an airport with modern steel architecture. The hotel was spacious and airy, the walkways were lined up with water paths and greenery.
Singapore is starved of space. Like the cities in Hong Kong and Japan where hotels are tiny but expensive. Hotels for me when travelling merely serves the purpose of a bath and sleep. When i do staycations locally, i can't help but find myself getting out and do something. We all prefer to stay in a hotel centrally located and that often is distracting. What is different about having a staycation in Crowne Plaza Hotel is that there is less distraction to leave the hotel to do something. Although, East Coast Park or Pulau Ubin is a stone's throw away if you really needed to do something out of the hotel.

But there is absolutely NO NEED! I got the King Premiere room ($272/ night) that has a door that opens directly to an outdoor pool!
Almost at the rooftop of Changi Airport, it is beautifully landscaped with a "maze" in the pool where little pockets with jacuzzi jets can be found. 
For the same price, or slightly cheaper, as those hotels centrally located, Crowne Plaza Hotel is value for money with the standard of luxury.
Gorgeous sun set and pool lights
Crowne Plaza is located in Changi Airport's Terminal 3, where a supermarket NTUC is conveniently located. We scoot down to get snacks and bubbly for the night!
With also a 34 inch flat screen TV, I caught up on all the latest movies with the cable channels available. 
Surely, there is also a gym and a spa for hotel guests' enjoyment.
While in-hotel buffet restaurant Azur serves one of the best international buffets I've had, if you're up to venture out for a walk, you can check out the below.

Ramen Champion
#B2-58 is like a foodcourt that serves only ramen. There are 9 stalls offering all the same-same but different ramen, they are the best of Japan's brands.
Four Fingers
#B2-02 is the newest outlet of the infamous Korean fried chicken that boasts to be the best. I can't quite figure if it's Korean or American. It's supposedly Korean but brought in from New York. Nonetheless, its outlets are always packed, even the one as far as Changi airport!

I was too full from ramen to fit this one in, but it's on my list to-try.
Imperial Treasure
located in Crowne Plaza Hotel is my go-to for lip smacking dim sum. The salted egg liu sa bao and crispy pork are must-eats!
If you need to work off all that food, you can play a game or two of air hockey and other electronic games at arcade Zone X also found in Terminal 3. Nostalgia much!

And if you need to satisfy the shopaholic in you (as if you are on holiday), check out Sophisca for its imported sweets with quirky packaging like majong tiles, sanitary pads and more.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, clearly not just in transit.


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