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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Porcelain Face Spa's Oxyrevive

Singaporeans love going to cold countries because it's the opposite from our humid weather. It's also the only time we get to deck out in winter fashion.
However, in a climate i am not used to, my face dries out by the third day. The moisturizers i bring along are also not sufficient because they are skin care suited for our Singapore weather (not oily enough). Instead of getting a "winter" moisturizer which i will hardly use, i visit Porcelain Face Spa for their Oxyrevive facial (steps seen here).

It hydrates the skin using 2 processes, the Oxyjet and Oxyspray. Oxyjet involves the usage of a high velocity jet to spray sodium chloride into the skin, thereby softening and removing dead skin cells and congested pores to achieve the effects of microdermabrasion without stressing the skin. Oxyspray incorporates the same technology where a custom blend of serums and tonics is infused into the skin via misting, allowing better penetration and absorption of nutrients. Good for brides-to-be, Oxyrevive helps you achieve a more radiant, youthful-looking complexion and supple skin with tighter pores. It's something i do after a beach holiday too!

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