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Monday, August 27, 2012

Places featured in Share Something

If you haven't caught my telecast on TV last Friday, you can watch it online here.

Don't you hate it how mentioned places addresses are gone in a blink of an eye?

Fret not, i'll provide it here.

In order of appearance on TV:

Tatty Marsh, a shop that features British inspired household items as well as an extensive range of Cath Kidston accessories.
That's me playing around with the antique shotgun bag.
I think it costs $12,000.

I looked like i took a bite of the bath bomb that looked like a cupcake (starts from $6).
Cath Kidston sewing kit box ($250 i think).

Find Tatty Marsh at Tanglin Mall #02-07, 163 Tanglin Road.
Antoinette is widely reviewed by many food bloggers already, each slice starts at $9 but well-worth it. Order to share! My favourite must be the Forbidden Fruit, a tangy apple taste. Second would be the Tarte Exotique although too much of the coconut makes me queasy. Religieuse Cafe Caramel is the largest of them all, and probably the most value-for-money if you think that way.

Find Antoinette at Palais Renaissance #B1-08, 390 Orchard Turn.

Find Italian furniture labels at Morosso at 5 Purvis Street, #01-03. It's beside a well-known French restaurant that serves foie gras at $7.20!
I LOVE Bryan's laughter in this one. Super impromptu!
My most favourite of the lot, Esquina is the newest tapas bar to spring up on our shores.

With only 16 seats indoors, people arrive early and may wait long for a seat. Otherwise, standing around the bar and outdoors is also welcomed. A place not for dates, but a place for an after-work drink or nibble before heading somewhere else is the real culture of a tapas bar. Do not expect to be full from Esquina, unless you spend a bomb!
The salt and pepper squid in black ink aioli is a must-order to go along with alcoholic drinks. The scallop ceviche and radish salsa and baked bone marrow with snails, parsley & horseradish pesto while tasting heavenly, it is pretty pricey for a very small portion.
The watermelon salad with gazpacho and basil sorbet is also a must order for its unique and unexpected taste for a dessert and cleansing of the palate before you leave for "real food".

Find Esquina at 16 Jiak Chuan Road.

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