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Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Investment in Time


Recently, i asked a fashion buyer for Burberry, G-star and Diesel (more on her story in post coming) what would she wear when she hit her 50s. Granny panties? Definitely a no-no.

Instead, she divulged that as she age, she found herself more drawn to investment pieces. That means silk blouses that hopefully will never go out of trend, or a quality pair of leather shoes.

My investment pieces are watches. I haven't been able to bring myself to buy a $600 dress or heel yet, but for a watch? The most i've paid is $350 for Marc Jacobs.

The latest acquisition is Casio's Sheen range, $196.
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With a battery life of 2 years (cue investment piece), this chronograph is water resistant with a genuine leather band. Funny how the clock face is Mother of Pearl with colorful rhinestone hour markers yet is cheaper than Marc Jacobs which has none of these precious gems!
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With an investment piece like that, I'm going to age with grace, an accessory elegant and sophisticated that'll last me long.

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