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Monday, May 21, 2012

Beerfest Asia

Matches my nails!
Singapore has something more than Tiger Beer. With the finest fruits, flowers and spices from around the tropics, here's Jungle Beer! Only to be tasted at the upcoming Beerfest Asia in June.

The fourth time in Singapore, visitors (exhibition area pass starts from $20) get to enjoy over 250 different beers (additional purchase on ground) from all over the world at affordable prices from as low as SGD 3,
From Taiwan, expect lychee beer at $5
I didn't even see this in Spain!
Bitter with a dry finish, expect this at Beerfest for $10.
We will all be under 3 marquees that sits 2,000 people German beer cellar style like Oktoberfest! That was fun.
Further complementing the experience are the live stage performances, comedy club (at extra charge per show), beer auctions and tasting workshops with a outdoor bazaar with delectable range of food and games. Check full programme here.


Thursday to Sunday
7 June: 6pm-1am
8 & 9 June: 6pm-2am
10 June: 12pm-10pm

Venue: Marina Promenade (F1 tracks behind Singapore Flyer)

Purchase tickets at (special prices for OCBC)

See you there!

3 comments: said...

I am waiting the beer fast Asia festival. Over the new 50 beers I mostly like Früli strawberry beer because it make with pure strawberry juice from Belgium. I will not miss this festival in Singapore it is best occasion to have fun with friends.

Anonymous said...

that is awesome! say hello if u bump into me!

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