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Monday, December 27, 2010


The sponsored trip on board Legend of the Seas couldn’t have come at a better timing. When I was in the midst of emotional turmoil, it was the perfect getaway.
Being on board, it certainly gave me plenty of time to sort out my thoughts in solace.  
Each day starts with a wide spread breakfast looking out into the ocean.
After filling up with a hearty breakfast, I would usually bring a cup of hot tea to the deck and enjoy dawn breaking. Then you marvel at how beautiful life is and you forget about everything else.

Other than these quiet luxurious moments you can have on board, there is the excitement of docking in a different destination every day. This proves to be very good distraction, otherwise I will drown in my own sorrowful 忘情水.

Legend of the Seas docks at Port Klang, Malaysia first. Day tours can be signed up on board at a fee. There is a wide variety to choose from, whether you’re a shopaholic or a cultural buff, there is a tour for everyone. Estelle and me being pretty familiar with Kuala Lumpur signed up for the Free &Easy shopping tour. The coach essentially dropped us at 2 hot spots. Petaling Jaya, Chinatown where all fake Gucci, Prada and LVS reside and Lot 10 in Bukit Bintang. Girls, you HAVE to go to Lot 10. Clothes are so ridiculously cheap, I saw signs hawking RM 35 for sets (top PLUS bottom). They look like Korean designs. However, you can’t try them so I didn’t buy. I am fussy just like that about fits and cut.
The highlight for everyone would be of course when we reach our final and furthest destination, Phuket!
We had to take a boat to the shore from our ship and somehow this reminds me of a Titanic situation where we have to disembark in the middle of the waters! Pardon me, I do like to have a wild imagination.

Walking on the plank way towards shore, the KPO friendly Thai passer-bys come to check out pretty girls welcome visitors.
 Picking the Phang Nga Bay tour, we visit the Suwan Khuha Temple, a temple in the oldest cave around.

Best not to drown your sorrows in alcohol. No whisky, but vodka can?

The highlight of this tour for me is visiting Koh Panyi, a water village where more than 200 houses were built on stilts with attached wooden walkways. About 2,000 people live in this village, on water, in the middle of nowhere!
The village has its own school because it would be too tedious to ferry some 200 kids out to shore everyday.
 Can't imagine all these is on water, in the middle of nowhere.
Do you think us Singaporeans would be able to live in such a place? We can’t even survive an MRT ride without touching our iphones.
But of course, how could we miss the much acclaimed James Bond Island where The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed at. Frankly, it was just boulders. Can give this a miss if you're going to Phuket on your own. 
Being on board Legends of the Seas really healed my soul and lifted my spirits.
Sea Food is Soul Food.


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