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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hot & Not Knowing it Part 2

These girls probably DO know they're hot (not as nonchalent as the boys i featured earlier), but my point is IF i was a male, i would definitely go for these female friends of mine.
Not because they look hot, but because they ARE hot but don't act hot. These girls are so down to earth, absolutely no airs. Furthermore, they're real without the push-up bras, make-up and fake eyelashes 24/7. You can be sure you won't get a shock when you unwrap the present.
Megan is the prettiest friend i have in Australia. No wonder my younger brother loves sleeping on my bed when i am not home. Because when I lie in bed, i see Megan's pretty face smiling back at me ( i did not plaster her face on my pillow. I just plaster my wall with photos). Eew aah...yucks....i don't want to put two and two together. I hope he doesn't use his facemask on my bed too.

She reminds me of Jessica Alba. The same big grin, the same full lips. She's not a sex pot, just very very pretty. Our friendship began really in my last days in Australia when she took me out for my birthday. We work in the same cafe and she actually PITIED me for not doing anything on my birthday, I am such a sad sod! She doesn't know that i was hurt by her couple of times.

When i tell her she's pretty, she asks me to "Go and Die". Ouch 1.
When she teaches me what to do in the cafe, i felt stupid. Ouch 2.
When i tell her again she's so pretty, she asks me to "Go away, dude". Ouch 3.

She didn't hurt me intentionally, but her beauty was making me feel small. People have different ways of accepting compliments. The cocky ones will smile and say thanks but in their head they roll their eyes and go "what's new".

Megan simply shy away from any compliments. Many others taught me what to do in the cafe, but when it was Megan, I didn't want to act like a dork in front of her. I wanted to prove to her i am smart and funny, and i deserved her love.

Megan made me understand how boys feel.

Shyanne is the next babe i would do (there's no ranking here). Now, she's a sex pot.
I uploaded some pictures that i took with Shyanne on Sentosa onto my desktop. Months later, look what my younger brother titled it? DISGUSTING PHOTOS. I tell you, he is spying on my girlfriends laaaaah!
I knew Shyanne from a pageant when i was 19. Again we also didn't make it until the eleventh hour. Or rather, i tried selling her my prize after i won. The deal was made over a bottle of perfume. SHE turned me into a sex pot. I think i have raved about her before in my other posts so i shan't be a broken radio.

Till now, i still have a photo of her in her lingerie in my mobile phone. Hee Hee Hee. She's my inspiration for staying sexy:

Now, Miss Tang is my latest addition. We hit it off the first time we met, but never really saw each other much because she was in and out of the country for long periods. Frankly, i wasn't banking on getting close with her because again, i felt small. I get intimidated by pretty girls. I was afraid it'll be awkard, we won't have anything to say. Well, we found something in common to talk about....BOYS. Hahaha.

She's this girl SO down-to-earth even though she was a one-time celebrity. I shake my head when i go out with her because all she owns are kids oversized t-shirts.

I've NOT seen one woman who maintains being hot while perspiring all over, Miss Tang showed it to me. I kept stealing glances at her during our exercise, and i think she caught me red-handed. How embarrassing!

Stalk her at:

Lydia don't have many photos (what a shame!). But that's how she is!! So totally not narcissist. You know, i first set my eyes on her in the lecture hall. Its weird when i can talk to any good looking boy (my flirtateous nature comes on automatically) but i can't chat up pretty girls. We never did cross paths again but i heard lots about her. Naturally, being the prettiest girl around school, people talk. People said she was snobbish, that she didn't hang with Singaporeans etc. That further made me think it's a lost cause. I wouldn't stand a chance!

One fine day, i was shopping in the city alone, she was standing there waiting for someone. As i walked towards her to get past, she CALLED me out! Gasp! She actually knows me! I am of some existance in her world!! I was head over heels, i fumbled and i stumbled...i avoided her eye and mumbled something like "oh erm..yeah, i'm alone. In a rush. Got to go."


I simply didn't want her to know i was such a loser. Shopping in the city ALONE. Although i LIKE being alone and i have no qualms about that, i didn't want the popular girl to think i am a loner. I am actually very popular too! Hahaha.

That was our one and only encounter in Perth. If only i wasn't so intimidated and rushed off like that, i'd think she actually wanted to befriend me!

Who would have thought, our paths crossed once again in Singapore.

She looks like Lee Xin Jie! The actress from the Hong Kong movie, The Eye.

The next one, most of you will find her familiar.

Cute-T. This one ah..self declared narcissist lah. Haha. But what keeps me hooked is her humour in laughing at herself. Even her narcissism is funny.We hit off when she was a finalist in UATO. We had something in common. As the compeition went on, i felt the others weren't as close to her as they were with the rest. I wondered why. I thought how can anyone NOT like her? Then i figured, when you're pretty, funny and is being the show's number one all the time, some people just get envious and don't want to hang around you because it's too painful. Haha. Well, better that than being malicious i guess.
Her already high traffic blog:

She should be Felicia Chin's stunt double.

But when i first saw her, i thought she looked like Zoe Tay leh...
Christabel, Christabel....she was one of my elder brother's early girlfriends. Our friends always admire my brother leh. So fat, but girlfriends are always so pretty. Christabel is the prettiest (although too skinny i think, but she eats alot!) of them all. Other than Jennifer, another ex who can compete with Bel on looks. But she is psycho. Big time maniac.
She looks like Jaime Yeo. Got to admit, i gave Bel a hard time when she was with my brother. I'm sorry! But none of my bro's gfs have an easy time with me.It's because i have very high expectations of who gets my brothers. Maybe it's because i compare them with me, i felt my brothers should only be with girls LIKE ME. I don't whine, i'm not needy, i don't make him pay for everything, i don't talk on the phone for hours.  Maybe because i knew how it works, I know with a gf, my brothers become poorer. With a gf, they actually want to sleep but must stay up late to chat on the phone.

Then i realised that my elder brother is actually quite happy losing sleep to chat with Bel over the phone. My younger brother will eavesdrop (they sleep in the same room) and tell me all about it the next day. We can't believe that a big sized person like my brother actually allows himself to be called Momo. He calls Bel bobo or something.

My fate with gorgeous women seem to repeat itself. I only connected with Bel AFTER she broke up with my brother. Haha. I then actually found her a very sweet person! She shares with me all the lobang, she will support me if i ever need it:

There're many other girls that i know who are pretty but really just an empty shell. They have nothing interesting to talk to you about, they only have an agenda to befriend you (either to nab a boyfriend, or use you for company, contacts etc) There are also other pretty gfs whom i think well of  but they're married or i've lost contact). No point in featuring girls that are unattainable mah....
If a woman is inferior, she finds a need to bitch. If a woman is confident, she need not be selfish.


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